Discovering the truth through the Bible for Yourself

Author Nikki Howard

Coach / Speaker/ Mentor

This book will contaminate your religious thinking for the rest of your life. If this does not resonate with you, you will want to argue with it, you will want to refute it, and you will want to demolish it. In trying to scripturally justify your beliefs, you will expose all the lies we have been told generation after generation. All the tools you will need to discern the truth for yourself are found within these pages.


"My husband and I have read this book and we highly recommend it to anyone searching for truth and understanding! It’s easy to read and digest as the author Nikki Howard presents her experiences and journey in such a genuine humble way. We literally couldn’t put it down! Inherited Lies is well written with excellent documentation. The author puts a summary at the end of every chapter which I think compliments it as a group study. It certainly will promote a lot of interesting discussion at the same time it teaches others to research and study their Bible for themselves. We plan to order several."

Lori and Tom Summers
In The Big Sky Country

Wow! I didn’t know what I didn’t know. This book reveals the hidden and omitted scriptures that can completely change how you read and understand your Bible. A very in-depth teaching of how to read and interpret the scriptures. Read, study, and pray. You will be blessed."  

Jim Dennis
Retired Southwest Pilot

"If you are hearing the last days Divine spiritual call to “come out of her my people” and have been looking for a concise but comprehensive study book for your library that can help with directing your study, or you would like to help someone you know who has also started on this great spiritual journey, we highly recommend the following book: Inherited Lies by Nikki Howard"  

Boaz Nieuwhof

"Not so long ago the idea that pretty much everything we’ve been taught is not true would’ve been very hard to swallow. Unfortunately it’s become clear that very little we are being told is true. Nikki has created an amazing resource to equip the willing so that we can dig until we discover what God actually said. Her book is helping me be obedient to the command “do not be deceived”."

Catt Maczko
Realtor - Maczko Realty

Nikki Howard challenges long-held beliefs and exposes the lies we've been told for generations. ...a must-read for anyone seeking to become more confident in their ability to rightfully divide the word of truth.
Patience Rose, MBA  
Associate Pastor, Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach